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Please note, that depending on the individual case, our service fees, may vary. To give you an orientation, please see our default fees:

  • 0% for primary transactions (developer).
  • 4% of the purchase price for secondary transactions (resale of any kind), not below 19,000 AED.
  • 6% of the annual rent for facility management, not below 5,720 AED.
  • 6% of the annual rent for residential rentals (apartments, villas, ...), not below 5,720 AED.
  • 10% of the annual rent for commercial rentals (restaurants, shops, offices, ...), not below 9,530 AED.
  • 25% for short term leasing, not below 12,000 AED.
  • For professional consultation, we charge a flat rate by agreement or an hourly rate, not less than 4,780 AED per hour.
  • Furnishing
    • Studio/1br: 12,000 AED
    • 2br: 15,000 AED
    • 3br: 18,000 AED
  • Company setup. Flat: 5,720 AED.
  • Visa setup. Flat: 5,720 AED.
  • Bank account opening. Flat: 2,860 AED.
  • UAE driving licence: Flat: 2,860 AED.

All fees are subject to 5% VAT. Please ask for a quote for your individual case.

Before providing services, we ask you to make a down payment of 1,000 AED. This deposit will be deducted in full from the service fee or refunded in full if no service has been provided or the service fee is less than the down-payment.

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