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Please note, that depending on the individual case, our service fees, may vary. To give you an orientation, please see our default fees:

  • 0% for primary transactions (developer)
  • 4% of the purchase price for secondary transactions (resale of any kind), not below 20,000 AED.
  • 6% of the annual rent for facility management, not below 6,000 AED.
  • 6% of the annual rent for residential rentals (apartments, villas, ...), not below 6,000 AED.
  • 10% of the annual rent for commercial rentals (restaurants, shops, offices, ...), not below 10,000 AED
  • 25% for short term leasing, not below 12,000 AED

All fees are subject to 5% VAT. Please ask for a quote for your individual case.

Before providing services, we ask you to make a down payment of 2,500 £. This deposit will be deducted in full from the service fee or refunded in full if no service has been provided or the service fee is less than the down-payment.

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