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By using our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Please read them carefully.

  1. The contract between the client and us comes into existence either by written agreement, by the use of our services on the basis of or in knowledge of the commission claim accruing for the successful activity. Unless the circumstances or deviating agreements indicate otherwise, the contract shall have a term of six months and shall be automatically extended by a further month in each case unless one of the contracting parties has given one month's notice of termination before the end of the contract.
  2. During the term of the contract with us, the client is not entitled to commission other brokers with brokerage activities concerning the object of the contract. In the event of a culpable breach of this provision, the client shall be liable to us for any damages arising therefrom.
  3. Our brokerage activities are carried out on the basis of the information provided to us by our contractual partners or other persons authorized to provide information. No liability whatsoever is assumed for this. Errors and/or prior sale or letting are reserved.
  4. Insofar as there is no conflict of interests, we are also entitled to act for the other party to the main contract on a commission basis.
  5. If, as a result of our services, a tenancy agreement is concluded between the parties to the main contract concerning the object of the contract instead of the purchase agreement originally sought, or vice versa, this shall not affect the entitlement to commission. The usual fees shall then be deemed to be owed.
  6. If the client knows at the time of the conclusion of the contract the contractual opportunity concerning the offered contractual property as well as the willingness of the other party to the main contract to enter into a contract (prior knowledge) or if he obtains such knowledge from a third party during the term of the contract, he shall inform us thereof without delay.
  7. Our property listings, the property/contract-related information provided by us as well as our entire brokerage activity is/are intended exclusively for the respective addressed client(s) as recipient(s). The client is obliged to handle the information confidentially after conclusion of the contract and not to pass it on to third parties. If the client culpably violates this obligation, he/she shall be liable to us for damages if the success of our mediation activities is not achieved as a result. If the main contract is concluded with a third party as a result of the unauthorized disclosure of the information, the client shall be liable to us for payment of the lost commission.
  8. The commission claim is due in the sense of the RERA regulations with the conclusion of the effective main contract, if the main contract is based on our contractual brokerage activity. The client is obliged to inform us immediately when, for what fee and with which parties the main contract was concluded. The obligation to provide information is not affected by the fact that the main contract is subject to a condition precedent and this condition has not yet occurred.
  9. Upon conclusion of the contract and prior to the commencement of services, an appropriate down payment corresponding to the service fees shall be due. This deposit will be deducted from the Service Fee in full, or refunded in full if no service has been provided or the Service Fee is less than the deposit.
  10. The client may only assert rights of retention or set-off against our commission claim if the client's claims are based on the same contractual relationship or if other claims are undisputed or legally enforceable.
  11. Our privacy policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our services. By using our services, you agree that we may use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  12. We do not participate in dispute resolution procedures before a consumer arbitration board.

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